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The Everly Brothers

Remembering Musicians Who Died In 2014: Phil Everly, Bobby Womack, Pete Seeger, And More

Buzz 17:35PM EDT

2014 saw the passing of a fair share of aging musical legends, but it tragically also saw the deaths of many relatively young artists well before their time. This list honors just some of the artists who passed away this year, so if there are any that you think we may have missed, you can post your tributes down in the comments section below.READ MORE

Sugarhill Gang

Henry “Big Bank Hank” Jackson Of Sugarhill Gang Dies At 57

Buzz 15:24PM EDT

Sugarhill Gang founding member Henry "Big Bank Hank" Jackson died today (Nov. 11) at the age of 57. The New York rapper suffered kidney complications due to cancer, which he had been battling for some time, according to Fox News. Jackson formed the Sugarhill hang with Master Gee and Wonder Mic and recorded the hit 1979 song "Rapper's Delight," which is largely regarded as the first rap record and sold several million copies worldwide, establishing rap as the mainstream genre it is today.READ MORE

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