June 25, 2018 / 1:48 PM

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Bill de Blasio

NYPD Claims Mayor Bill de Blasio Has Blood of Two Slain Brooklyn Cops on His Hands

Did New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio lay the groundwork for violence against police officers by seeming to side with protestors who have been upset over the lack of an indictment in the death of Eric Garner? That appears to be the official position ...

Jeanine Pirro of Fox News Claims that 'Minority Communities' Need to Be More Sensitive Toward the Police

Fox News often finds itself under fire for the stance that the network appears to take on hot-button issues, and right now nothing is more volatile than the tension between police and their handling of the black community. Last night, Jeanine Pirro ...

New York City Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces Citywide ID Card Program Benefiting the Arts

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a New York City-wide ID card program that garners cultural benefits last Thursday at the Bronx Zoo.

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