May 27, 2018 / 1:53 PM

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Ed Sheeran Not Doing A Pop Album After ‘Divide’ To ‘Control His Fall’

Ed Sheeran recently said that he has no intentions to release an album that's similar to 'Divide.' The singer's upcoming songs will not be classified as pop music.

Gigi Hadid Opens Up About Her Mom Yolanda Foster's Illness, Talks Body Image in Modeling World

Ever since signing with IMG Models in 2011, Gigi Hadid's career has been on the rise. She has been the face of numerous modeling campaigns, like Guess, often bunks with Kendall Jenner and has already graced the pages of "Sports Illustrated." That is ...

Victoria's Secret Has Renamed 'The Perfect Body' Campaign After Consumer Backlash

At first it seemed like more of the same when Victoria's Secret dropped their most recent campaign. There was the typical lineup of thin models posing in the company's latest styles, but something about this was different. The company had decided to ...

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