The Smiths - 'Shoplifters of the World Unite'

7 Album Covers With Musicians Who Aren't On The Album: The Beatles, The Smiths, And More

Exclusives 11:56AM EDT

Putting yourself on your own album cover is a pretty simple concept: if people see you on the cover, they'll assume you're the person singing on the album. However, these seven artists included musicians on their album covers that didn't appear in the album at all.READ MORE

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Seven Cool Emo Bands with Terrible Names

Exclusives 18:59PM EDT

When I was originally putting together bands for this article, the topic was simply "Great Bands with Terrible Names," but I soon realized that a great number of the bands I had chosen were emo bands. It must be an unfortunate side effect of playing music in a genre that itself has a terrible name. Here are seven excellent emo bands that should've thought a little longer about the names they chose.READ MORE

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