May 22, 2018 / 1:28 PM

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Donetsk Opera Theatre

With No Political Affilitation, Anna Netrebko Gets Pegged After Posing with Russia Separatist Flag and Donating to Donetsk Opera

Earlier this week opera diva Anna Netrebko made a donation to an opera house in Donetsk, but the donation has landed her in the political hot seat as the singer was pictured with a flag used by some separatist groups.

Anna Netrebko Shows Support for East Ukrainians, Poses with Novorossian Flag During St. Petersburg Press Conference

A Russian-Austrian opera soprano, Anna Netrebko showed support to east Ukrainians during a press conference in St. Petersburg over the weekend. The world-renowned singer posed with of the top political leaders while holding the flag of Novorossia.

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