July 16, 2018 / 6:28 PM

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'Gotham' Season 4 Will Show Poison Ivy Transformation & Barbara Kean Going Back To Being Good

Ivy will take matters into own hands to become Poison Ivy in "Gotham" Season 4. Barbara Kean will have her own major shift in character as she goes back to being good.

'Gotham' Returns With Resurrected Solomon Grundy: Scarecrow To Wreak Havoc In Gotham City

Butch Gilzean is resurrected into the evil zombie Solomon Grundy in "Gotham" Season 4 which premieres on September 21.

'Gotham' Morena Baccarin to Pay Over $23K in Child & Spousal Support; Custody Battle Over?

Actress Morena Baccarin and estranged husband Austin Chick might have come to a final agreement in their custody battle over their two-year-old son, Julius. On Thursday (Nov. 19), a judge ordered the 'Gotham' star to pay Chick over $23,000 a month in ...

'Gotham' Morena Baccarin & Ex-Husband in Custody Battle; Boyfriend Ben McKenzie an Issue?

It looks like the custody battle is back on between 'Gotham' star Morena Baccarin and her ex-husband, Austin Chick. The two nearly settled their custody battle with an agreement that would work for both them and their son, but recently discovered ...

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