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Nas' Daughter Pays Tribute To Rapper's Debut Album 'Illmatic' With Lip Gloss Line As 20th Anniversary Celebration Continues

Buzz 21:30PM EDT

Earlier this year, the Queens rapper celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of his debut album Illmatic. To commemorate the occasion further, the rapper's daughter decided to pay tribute to the album with a new lip gloss line.READ MORE

Nas' 'Illmatic'

5 Reasons Why "Illmatic" is the Greatest Rap Album Ever

Exclusives 19:26PM EDT

I hold the very uncontroversial opinion that Illmatic, the debut album by Queens rapper Nas, is the greatest rap album ever made. In celebration of Illmatic’s 20th birthday today, here a couple of reasons why it’s truly the greatest ever, just in case you’re unconvinced (or if you’ve never heard it before).READ MORE

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