June 18, 2019 / 9:53 AM

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In My Feelings Challenge

Man Gets Hit By Car While Doing Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge

Jaylen Norwood got hit by a car in Boynton Beach, Florida while doing the 'In My Feelings' challenge. Following the incident, he revealed that he did not get seriously injured.

Drake's 'In My Feelings' Challenge Is 'Foolish, Dangerous,' Warns NTSB

Fans were being discouraged from doing Drake's 'In My Feelings' Challenge. The popular dance craze was choreographed by social media star Shiggy last month.

Shiggy Denies Drake Paid Him $250K After 'In My Feelings' Challenge Success

Shiggy denied that Drake paid him $250,000 for starting the 'In My Feelings' challenge which has been gaining so much traction. The social media star uploaded the same video doing the challenge last month.

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