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Ailee (in red) will be one of several K-Pop touring the United States during March.

Ailee, San E and Jay Park Touring Together Across United States with One Surprising European Stop

Buzz 10:18AM EDT

A trio of K-Pop stars—Ailee, San E and Jay Park—will take part in a "world" tour featuring five North American dates during March. K-Pop acts are branching more and more into waters outside of Asia as the genre develops an audience in Europe and the United States but, as Billboard points out, rarely do acts actually tour together. Generally one act plots a few dates across the United States and can do well enough. The "Unite The Mic 2015 Tour" serves as a great sampler for those wanting to check the scene out...or as a great deal in general for American K-Pop fans.READ MORE

Epik High

SXSW 'K-Pop Night Out' Showcase Returns for Third Year

Buzz 16:53PM EDT

Legendary Austin music festival South By Southwest will be hosting its third annual "K-Pop Night Out" showcase Thursday, March 19, at the Elysium Nightclub. Presented by the Korea Creative Content Agency, the showcase features performances by a selection of South Korean pop artists, with this year's bill including Hitchhiker, Epik High (pictured above), Crayon Pop, The Barbarettes, Asian Chairshot, EE and Eastern Sidekick. Though the term "K-pop" may suggest that all these artists fall under the same genre of music, "K-Pop Night Out" boasts quite a diverse selection. SXSW describes Epik High as the group responsible for "bringing hip-hop to the mainstream in Korea," while Eastern Sidekick is described as "an edgier Korean version of The Strokes." Other styles of music that are being represented at the showcase include girl group pop (Crayon Pop, The Barbarettes), alternative rock (Asian Chairshot) and bizarre dance music (EE, Hitchhiker).READ MORE

Jay Park Returns July 10 With New Mini-Album 'I Like 2 Party' Featuring Self-Written Songs

Genres 22:53PM EDT

Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park will be releasing a new mini-album next week according to his agency Sidus HQ.READ MORE

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