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William DuVall of Alice in Chains

Here's Alice In Chain's New Song, 'The One You Know'

Buzz 07:50AM EDT

Alice In Chains released its first single in five years called 'The One You Know.' The rock band also dropped an almost five-minute music video for the new single.READ MORE

James Hetfield

Metallica's James Hetfield Shares "Papa H's Top 10 Thingz 2015"

Buzz 16:48PM EDT

James Hetfield, the frontman of the American heavy metal band, Metallica, wrote down his "Papa H's Top 10 Thingz 2015" on Metallica's official website and shared them with his fans.READ MORE

Joni Mitchell

7 Incredible Guitarists Who Are Also Great Singers: Prince, Joni Mitchell, And More

Exclusives 14:37PM EDT

When you read a list of the greatest guitarists of all time, it typically includes names like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jack White, people who can sing but aren't usually renowned for their singing voices. However, these seven musicians have mastered both singing and guitar playing, when just one of those would have served them well enough. Here are seven incredible guitarists are also great singers.READ MORE

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