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'The Interview' Has Been Shelved but Embarrassing Sony Leaks Keep Coming as Amy Pascal Slams Adam Sandler in Email

Off-Key 12:07PM EDT

Sony may have decided to appease the Guardians of Peace and not let "The Interview" premiere on Christmas Day or any other day in the near future, but that does not mean the hackers are finished wreaking havoc on the studio. Instead, newly leaked emails keep coming which indicate that the GOP's actual agenda involves quite a bit more than just making sure that one film does not see the light of day. Once again, Amy Pascal and her opinions are under fire. This time around, the subject of her disdain is Adam Sandler, who wanted a huge chunk of cash for a movie version of the board game Candyland. According to the leaked emails, Sandler asked the studio for $200 million for that flick and he also rallied to have his co-producer on "Hotel Transylvania 2," Allen Covert, get an extra $100,000. "Adam is an a--hole and this is more his fault than anyone's but what we did was not communicate with each other and make assumptions," said Pascal, indicating that Sandler is not one of Sony's favorite people to deal with.READ MORE

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NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Shares Privacy Tips And Warns About File Sharing Programs In New Interview

Off-Key 17:14PM EDT

In recent weeks there has been a lot of conversation about hacking and privacy rights in general. Thanks to celebs like Jennifer Lawrence having their nude photos stolen and then leaked for the entire world to see it has made many reconsider the privacy laws that are already in existence. It also might be time to reconsider just how private some of the internet services that many use really are. When thinking of internet security it seems logical that the man who was able to breach government security would also be one of the best sources to explain how everyday people can protect themselves.READ MORE

Lana Del Rey will be performing at the Northside Music Festival in Denmark this summer.

Lana Del Rey New Song 2013 Leak: 'Let My Hair Down' is Relaxed, Old School Love Song in Latest Unofficial Release from 'Young & Beautiful' Singer [LISTEN]

Genres 14:48PM EDT

It's been over a week since a new song from "Young & Beautiful" singer Lana Del Rey has leaked. Considering the summer she has had, that is quite the accomplishment. Today, however, yet another previously unreleased Del Rey track sprung...READ MORE

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