May 22, 2018 / 2:17 AM

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Left Shark

Meet ‘Left Shark’: Infamous Katy Perry Dancer Says 2015 Super Bowl Performance Was Supposed To

Katy Perry's 'Left Shark,' Bryan Gaw, just talked about his performance at the Super Bowl three years ago. The former backup dancer is now working as a hairstylist in Los Angeles.

Katy Perry 'Left Shark' Appears During Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' Performance

Just in case there was any doubt whether Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" was about her relationship with Katy Perry, a dancer in a shark costume appeared onstage during the pop star's performance of the aforementioned track at her concert in Foxborough, ...

John Mayer Interviews Katy Perry's Left Shark and Andy Cohen on 'Late Late Show'

Ever since Craig Ferguson left the "Late Late Show" on CBS, the network has had a patchwork of different hosts that have included actors, comedians and musicians like Wayne Brady, Sean Hayes, Thomas Lennon and now John Mayer. Mayer hosted the episode ...

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