June 23, 2018 / 12:46 AM

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Lyric Video

Kanye West Releases Official Lyric Videos For ‘Violent Crimes’, ‘All Mine’

Kanye West just released the official lyric videos for 'Violent Crimes' and 'All Mine.' The rapper is expected to drop the music videos for the track soon.

WATCH: Troye Sivan Releases Lyric Video For New Single ‘Bloom’

Australian singer Troye Sivan dropped the lyric video for 'Bloom.' His second studio album, 'TS2,' which may be released next month, will feature the song.

The 'Starry Night' Lyric Video Of Jessica Takes Her Fans To A Ride With Her On Memory Lane

Jessica Jung, the American singer, songwriter, and businesswoman based in South Korea has a special treat for fans in celebration of her 10th debut anniversary. The lyric video for her single "Starry Night" was recently released as she calls on to ...

Pitbull, Ke$ha release 'Timber' Lyric Video: Miami skyline, whiskey shots highlighted in clip [WATCH]

It's gone down. Pitbull and Ke$ha have officially released the lyric video for their collaboration track, the country-twinged dance song "Timber."

Demi Lovato reveals 'Neon Lights' Single Artwork, Lyric Video: third 'Demi' single gets bright visuals ahead of 2014 tour [WATCH]

Things are looking bright for Demi Lovato. Today (Nov. 6), the lyric video for her third Demi single "Neon Lights" debuted on YouTube, and the gorgeous X Factor judge also revealed the single artwork for the upbeat track.

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