July 16, 2018 / 9:22 PM

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MacArthur Genius

MacArthur Genius' Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer Take to Town Hall on Saturday, October 11

A MacArthur Fellowship winner, Chris Thile of the Punch Brothers will team up with bassist and composer (and fellow MacArthur Genius) Edgar Meyer for a one-off at New York City's Town Hall on Saturday, October 11.

MacArthur Genius Alisa Weilerstein Does One-Off Performance at New York Philharmonic Biennial in Matthias Pintscher's 'Reflections in Narcissus'

The MacArthur genius grant, obviously, is not just a random token dealt to the moderately remarkable. A few MacArthur genius' have passed through Classicalite, like Vijay Iyer, and this time is no different.

Audio Ingenuity: Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville Transcribes Music to Paper, Carl Haber's Digital Needle Revives an Old Science of Sonic Measurement

Like a photograph, audio documentation has gone through stages of redesign and evolution over the decades. And like most early inventions, audio archiving techniques went through periods of abandonment--coupled with some pretty half-baked ideas.

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