July 18, 2018 / 4:56 AM

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Marina Abramovic

Jamie xx Reportedly Doesn't Clear Persuasions Sample...Except He Totally Did

In an age where similarities between songs can be the cause of multimillion-dollar lawsuits, you better make damn sure you get your samples cleared. The most recent case of alleged, or at least suggested, foul play was Jamie xx's "I Know There's ...

Marina Abramovic Apologizes to Jay Z About 'Picasso Baby' Music Video Comments

It seems as though Marina Abramovic may have to eat some crow as a part of her next performance art piece. Earlier this week, the performance artist criticized Jay Z for "completely using her" for the concept of his "Picasso Baby" music video and ...

Performance Artist Marina Abramovic Claims Jay Z 'Completely Used Me'

In 2013, Jay Z collaborated with performance artist Marina Abramovic, whose 2010 installation The Artist is Present inspired the rap mogul's music video, Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film.

Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP": Pop Star Releases Debatably Sexy Video for Single "Applause" [WATCH]

What's that Lady Gaga fans? The lyric video for the pop star's first single "Applause" off of her upcoming album "ARTPOP" wasn't overblown enough for you? Admittedly, Gaga has set a pretty high standard for glam (and budgets) when it comes to music ...

'Girls' Star Jemima Kirke Jumps All over Jay-Z During 'Picasso Baby' Video Shoot, Has To Be Removed by Security [VIDEO]

In a room full of artists and performers, there's no doubt that Jay-Z was the most recognizable face. The rapper had assembled a crowd of artists to a gallery in Chelsea to watch as he shot a music video for single "Picasso Baby." Someone there ...

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