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Infamous Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Was Ordered by the Kremlin to Seduce Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Off-Key 09:31AM EDT

It sounds like National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is smarter than we realized. After meeting Russian spy Anna Chapman, he was wise enough to resist her charms, likely keeping his eyes on his own personal greater good. While searching for a safe landing spot in 2013, Chapman had made a move on Snowden, under direct orders from the Kremlin. According to a report by the "New York Post," Chapman was directed to seduce Snowden and completely win him over in an attempt to keep him in Moscow so Russian agents could spend some quality time with the NSA leaker. Needless to say, Russian agents would love to know what secrets and details the former contractor was still hanging on to about how the U.S. gathers its information. If Chapman had been able to successfully seduce Snowden and convince him to marry her, then he would have ultimately been stuck in Moscow, unable to leave without permission from the government. In the end, he opted only to meet the infamous spy on one occasion and side-stepped any of her public advances.READ MORE

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NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Shares Privacy Tips And Warns About File Sharing Programs In New Interview

Off-Key 17:14PM EDT

In recent weeks there has been a lot of conversation about hacking and privacy rights in general. Thanks to celebs like Jennifer Lawrence having their nude photos stolen and then leaked for the entire world to see it has made many reconsider the privacy laws that are already in existence. It also might be time to reconsider just how private some of the internet services that many use really are. When thinking of internet security it seems logical that the man who was able to breach government security would also be one of the best sources to explain how everyday people can protect themselves.READ MORE

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