June 19, 2018 / 6:42 AM

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One World Symphony

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Offers Beer and Ribs with 'Low-Cost High Culture' Theory

Perhaps New York City, and many other cultural hubs around the world, are mighty giants too big to concede to lower costs. But for the Rust Belt cities and the theory of "low-cost high culture," some faltering institutions are seeing rebounds that ...

REVIEW: One World Symphony Premiere Sung Jin Hong's 'Breaking Bad--Ozymandias' at Church of the Holy Apostles

The duality of men and women serves as a profound topic in not only literature and metaphysics, but in the sense of the gender binary as well. In this case, in the sense of an orchestral composition, music, too, becomes capable of capturing the ...

Ozymandias: 'Breaking Bad' Opera Given Life by One World Symphony's Sung Jin Hong

Perhaps one of the most captivating cable shows of the last two years, Breaking Bad will again be "the one who knocks," yet this time on the operatic stage. And like the Breaking Bad musical before it, it's playing now.

‘Breaking Bad’ Junkies Invited to Preview Sung Jin Hong’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Opera on One World Symphony’s Holiday Concert

One World Symphony has added a program, “Sibelius: A Nordic Holiday,” on December 18. The concert will include music of Sibelius, Grieg and maybe even a sneak preview of the opera 'Breaking Bad--Ozymandias.'

'Breaking Bad,' the Opera, Getting Cooked by Sung Jin Hong's One World Symphony

Inspired by both blue Albuquerque methamphetamine and English Romantic poetry, Hong had best hurry up with his mini-opera, 'Breaking Bad--Ozymandias.'

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