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The Call to Unite

24-Hour "The Call To Unite" Livestream on May 1

Off-Key 18:26PM EDT

Oprah, Alanis, Julia, Common, Jewel, and 200 more will join the event for COVID-19 causes.READ MORE

Bella Thorne

Rob Lowe Just Dragged Bella Thorne After She Complained About Traffic Amid California Mudslide

22:20PM EDT

Rob Lowe was not pleased with how Bella Thorne reacted to the recent California mudslides. The actress later on clarified that she wasn't aware of the incident.READ MORE

Ariana Grande performs in 2015

Rob Lowe Likens Ariana Grande to Dixie Chicks After 'I Hate America' Comments

Buzz 13:01PM EDT

Ariana Grande may have apologized for licking a donut and proclaiming "I hate America" in a leaked video from a pastry shop, but not everyone is buying that the "One Last Time" singer is a true patriot. After the 22-year-old singer's comments made waves around the Internet, Rob Lowe is dismissing her along with The Dixie Chicks.READ MORE

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