Green Day stars in 'The Simpsons Movie'

FXX's Music-Themed 'Simpsons' Marathon Begins On September 11th

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Did you get enough of FOX's favorite family- The Simpsons during their 12 day marathon on FXX? Well for those of you that just answered no, then you'll be thrilled to know that another marathon is coming to FXX. In honor of the three-night Simpsons show planned at The Hollywood Bowl the network is going to host a mini-marathon featuring four hours of musical episodes.READ MORE

The Simpsons

7 Artists Influenced By The Simpsons: Fall Out Boy, Les Claypool, And More

Exclusives 11:50AM EDT

To celebrate FXX's massive "Every Simpsons Ever" marathon, which I will be watching as much of as I possibly can, I've compiled a list of some artists who have been influenced by The Simpsons in some way, whether it's through their band name, a song title, or even the name of their home studio.READ MORE

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