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Kim Gordon during the 2015 Turner Prize Awards Ceremony at the Tramway on December 7, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland

Kim Gordon Talks Nirvana's 'Nevermind' & the Rise of Grunge in New Interview

Buzz 10:45AM EDT

Kim Gordon, formerly of Sonic Youth, is talking the rise of grunge and pivotal album Nevermind in a new interview. Nevermind was released 25 years ago this month and Gordon is also reminiscing on her time touring with Nirvana in the summer of 1991. It was Nirvana’s most successful album and released on Sept. 24 of that year.READ MORE

Kim Gordon

Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon Not Actually Attacked by Coyote at LA Whole Foods

Buzz 18:38PM EDT

Last week, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth was reportedly bitten by a coyote at a Los Angeles-area Whole Foods Market. Alas, the information turned out to be completely false, posted by a spoof Instagram account disguised as the health food grocery chain.READ MORE


Beck and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore Announce Collaborative London Show

Buzz 18:49PM EDT

After 18 months of preparation, Beck is ready to unveil a "living art project" called Station to Station. London's Barbican Centre will host the show this summer form June 27 to July 26.READ MORE

Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam.

5 Great Grunge Documentaries Not Based on Kurt Cobain

Buzz 16:32PM EDT

No music documentary has gotten as much hype this year as 'Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck,' the document on the life of Nirvana's frontman featuring new footage, new songs, and potentially even a sex tape featuring Courtney Love (not really...but director Brett Morgen had a chance). Cobain was arguably the most influential musician of the '90s, a demigod among many music icons that emerged from Seattle's grunge scene. We can't wait to check out Montage of Heck but for the time being we recommend you check out these other five documentaries that look at aspects of Seattle's rock scene during the era, looking at Pearl Jam, Mudhoney and more. No, 'Singles' isn't one of them.READ MORE

Big Sean and Ariana Grande at the Grammys

5 Celebrity Couples Releasing Albums in Same Year: Ariana Grande vs. Big Sean, Jay Z vs. Beyonce and More

Buzz 17:44PM EDT

This week marks a high point for the "power couple" status of Big Sean and Ariana Grande: The former's new album Dark Sky Paradise topped the Billboard 200, selling nearly 140,000 copies in the process. That gives him his first no. 1 album, which matches him with his girlfriend, who topped albums charts with My Everything last year. Grande may have outsold her beau but that doesn't necessarily mean she "wears the pants" in the relationship (it's tough to imagine her ever wearing pants, based on her typical stage apparel). Music Times looked back over the last few years and found couples who had both released new albums within a year of each other, researched who sold more and which album was ultimately better, in deciding who ran the house that year.READ MORE

Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore

Sonic Youth Announce 'Bad Moon Rising' Reissue with Four Bonus Tracks

Buzz 14:59PM EDT

Sonic Youth has announced a deluxe reissue of its 1985 sophomore album, Bad Moon Rising. The reissue will include bonus tracks in honor of the album's 30th anniversary. The re-release follows previous reissues of Daydream Nation and The Whitey Album from 1988. Confusion is Sex, EVOL and Sister will follow.READ MORE

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - 'Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015' (2015)

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Announce New Album 'Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015,' Share Lead Single "Do The Get Down" [LISTEN]

Buzz 13:59PM EDT

New York punk trio The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have announced a new album titled Freedom Tower - No Wave Dance Party 2015 (that's the cover up above), and have shared a music video for the album's lead single "Do The Get Down," which you can check out below. According to Pitchfork, the album is set for release on March 24 through Mom + Pop, and is a concept album about New York City, "a chronicle of grit and terror and love."READ MORE

Sonic Youth -

6 Album Covers With Text That Isn't The Title: Prince, Sonic Youth And More

Buzz 20:26PM EDT

The classic, most basic function of an album cover is to let you know what the album's title is, and who recorded it. Though there are plenty of classic album covers that don't use any text at all, these six album covers feature text that don't actually include the album title anywhere.READ MORE

Edward Snowden

Tom Morello, Moby, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore Rally Around Edward Snowden, Promote 'CitizenFour' Documentary

Buzz 16:43PM EDT

Some big names including Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, Moby, M.I.A. and PJ Harvey have signed a statement in support of whistleblower Edward Snowden's actions on WikiLeaks. The artists are encouraging people to donate to the Courage Foundation, which is funding Snowden's legal defense, and promoting the documentary "CitizenFour." Other celebrities trying to raise awareness for Snowden's legal case include Noam Chomsky, Vivienne Westwood, Russell Brand, Alfonso Cuarón, Susan Sarandon and Pamela Anderson.READ MORE

The Who Sell Out (1967)

7 Song Titles That Describe Their Album Covers: The Who, Sonic Youth, And More

Buzz 14:55PM EDT

Plenty of album are given title tracks, which are songs that share a name with the album itself, but these seven songs are a bit different, sharing a name with whatever happens to be on the album cover. Here are seven song titles that describe their album covers.READ MORE

Modest Mouse -

7 Indie Bands Who Had Incredible Major Label Debuts: Green Day, Modest Mouse and More

Buzz 08:40AM EDT

A major label deal may seem like a dream come true for any musician, but for many independently minded artists, major labels have often suppressed their true creative voices, resulting in sub-par work. These seven artists, however, still managed to deliver incredibly strong albums for their major label debuts.READ MORE

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon's 'Girl in a Band' Memoir Gets Cover and Release Date, Chronicles Sonic Youth Member's Life [PHOTO]

Genres 16:26PM EDT

Pitchfork reports that "Girl in a Band," the long-awaited memoir by Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, has been given a release date and cover artwork. The book will be released Feb. 24, 2015, through Dey Street Books, an imprint of HarperCollins.READ MORE

Bob Dylan -

6 Albums Named After The Place Where They Were Recorded: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, And More

Exclusives 13:48PM EDT

The location of a recording session can often have just as much influence as the musicians who are performing, which is something that these artists knew very well. Here are six albums named after the place where they were recorded.READ MORE

The Rolling Stones -

7 Bands Whose Double Albums Were Their Best: The Rolling Stones, Genesis, And More

Exclusives 15:36PM EDT

Double albums are a tricky proposition for most artists. Though they can be fascinating listens, they tend to come off as overlong, bloated, and messy, and even some classic ones such as The Beatles' "White Album" are often criticized for being indulgent. Still, some bands pull it off, and the double albums released by these seven bands are often considered to be their best work.READ MORE

The Who -

8 Great Albums With Intermissions: Radiohead, The Who, And More

Exclusives 15:50PM EDT

Just like plays or even particularly long movies have intermissions somewhere in the middle, some albums include songs that could be seen as intermissions, or dramatic breaks between the album's two halves. These album intermissions are usually instrumental and sonically quite different from the rest of the songs. Here are eight examples of albums with intermissions.READ MORE

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