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Paddy Moloney Cause Of Death: Legendary Irish Musician And The Chieftains Founder Dead At 83

What was Paddy Moloney Cause of Death? The Chieftains Founder Dead At 83

Buzz 21:46PM EDT

The legend behind the formation of The Chieftains, Paddy Moloney, passed away aged 83.READ MORE

St. Patrick's Day Playlist: Music Times treats you to a slew of bands that are ACTUALLY from Ireland

Genres 13:23PM EDT

You have no doubt heard a million times already that St. Patrick's Day isn't that big a deal in Ireland. They don't dress like leprechauns. They don't demand you kiss them. They certainly don't drink green Miller Light. It's noon on St. Patrick's Day at the Music Times offices, and we already heard an estimated 786 Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys tracks over the weekend. No fault meant to the groups' music, but they feature a total of one Irish-born member. We hoped to teach you something about actual, traditional Celtic musicREAD MORE

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