June 23, 2018 / 4:39 AM

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the flying burrito brothers

Lawsuit Against Google, Sony, Rdio, Beats Electronics and More May End Pre-1972 Music Streaming and Internet Radio

Music streaming controversy has gotten uglier as a lawsuits have been filed against Google, Sony Entertainment, Rdio, Songza, Apple's Beats Electronics and more on behalf of the music group that owns the catalogues of the Flying Burrito Brothers, Hot ...

7 Bands That Spawned Multiple Prominent Solo Careers: Genesis, Wu-Tang Clan, And More

Many bands would be lucky enough to have just one immensely talented artist to carry them to success, but these seven bands had two (or sometimes more) musicians in their ranks who would go on to achieve success on their own.

6 Artists Whose Second Band Was Superior: Jimmy Page, Ian MacKaye, and more

When a musician is kicked out of a high-profile band, or if that band breaks up, they can usually be expected to start another band soon afterwards. While these bands are rarely better than the old ones (see: Wings, Big Audio Dynamite), sometimes the ...

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