May 22, 2018 / 1:37 PM

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Kanye West Gives Fans A Preview Of New Song 'Lift Yourself'

Kanye West released a new track that might be included in his upcoming album. 'Lift Yourself' begins with an inspirational lyrics before the rapper comes in to recite his bizarre lyrics.

‘The Life of Pablo’ is Officially Kanye West’s Eighth Album to Go Platinum

The Life of Pablo has officially become Kanye West’s eighth album to go platinum. This past Tuesday (April 4) the album reached platinum status according to a press release from West’s label Def Jam.

Kanye West Has 3 'The Life Of Pablo' Album Changes on Tidal

Despite rolling out The Life of Pablo LP last month, Kanye West is still working on the record, which is exclusively available on Jay Z's Tidal app, and he recently announced that he has fixed three songs on the album.

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