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Iron Maiden

7 Bands Whose Bassist Is The Primary Songwriter: The Beach Boys, Iron Maiden And More

Exclusives 21:16PM EDT

Whenever a band has one member who writes most of the songs, it's more often than not the band's guitar player. However, these seven bands break the mold by featuring primary songwriting contributions from their bassists, rather than their guitarists.READ MORE

Television -

10 Great Artists Known For Just One Album: Television, Nas, And More

Exclusives 17:48PM EDT

Most artists have one album that's generally regarded as their best, but sometimes these albums are so incredible and obviously superior that the rest of the artist's discography becomes overshadowed. Here are ten great artists who are known for just one album.READ MORE

Creedence Clearwater Revival

6 Artists Whose Sound Doesn't Match The Place They Came From: Thin Lizzy, CCR, and more

Exclusives 17:09PM EDT

With many artists, there’s absolutely no mystery as to where they hail from. The Beach Boys are quite obviously from Southern California, and Bruce Springsteen has made a career out of being a New Jersey native (at least, he might be). These six artists, however, sound as if they came from one place, but are actually from somewhere else entirely.READ MORE

Talking Heads

Seven Great Songs That Are Homages to Other Bands: The Clash, Talking Heads, and more

Exclusives 12:52PM EDT

There are plenty of artists who love to wear their influences of their sleeves, but instead of covering songs by artists they love, sometimes they’ll write a song by blatantly taking another band’s sound and putting their own spin on it. Here are seven great songs that were homage to other bands.READ MORE

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