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Todrick Hall Set to Release His Surprise Coronavirus-Themed Album This Week

Buzz 19:57PM EDT

All-around performer Todrick Hall is the latest artist to drop new music in the middle of quarantine period with his coronavirus-themed album, according to his Instagram post Monday, April 27.READ MORE


Beyoncé Cover: American Idol's Todrick Hall Creates Medley of Queen Bey's 5 Albums

Buzz 21:38PM EDT

Todrick Hall, American Idol semi-finalist and Youtuber took a Beyoncé cover to the next level. Hall created a medley, claiming to sing every single Beyoncé song, stemming from the singer's five albums.READ MORE

'Cinderonce' VIDEO Goes Viral: Todrick Hall Cinderella Revamped To All Beyonce Songs

Genres 23:07PM EDT

Beyonce fans have managed to stay loyal to the "Single Ladies" singer and have copied her dance moves, fainted at concerts, and even followed her hair and style trends to look like the international singer, but now fan...READ MORE

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