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Wayne Static of Static-X

Wayne Static Autopsy Reveals Prescription Drugs and Alcohol as Cause of Death

Buzz 09:20AM EDT

Wayne Static mixed prescription medication with alcohol before he died in November, Blabbermouth reports. According to official documents filed by the investigating coroner, Static had oxycodone, Xanax and alcohol in his system. While his drinking had become a problem, his wife, Tera Wray, said that they had both given up illicit drugs in 2009.READ MORE

Wayne Static of Static-X

Grammys 2015: In Memoriam Tribute Forgets Wayne Static, Dave Brockie, Raphael Ravenscroft & More

Buzz 19:30PM EDT

The music world lost plenty of talented people in 2014, most of whom were honored during the In Memoriam section of the Grammys last night. Among some of the more notable names were Joe Cocker, Pete Seeger and Robin Williams, but The Recording Academy forgot a few others. Wayne Static of Static-X fame was not included during the tribute in addition to GWAR frontman Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus), saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft, and a few othersREAD MORE

The Everly Brothers

Remembering Musicians Who Died In 2014: Phil Everly, Bobby Womack, Pete Seeger, And More

Buzz 17:35PM EDT

2014 saw the passing of a fair share of aging musical legends, but it tragically also saw the deaths of many relatively young artists well before their time. This list honors just some of the artists who passed away this year, so if there are any that you think we may have missed, you can post your tributes down in the comments section below.READ MORE

Wayne Static

Wayne Static Death Reportedly Not Due To Drugs; Widow Issues Statement

Buzz 16:18PM EDT

Static X announced Wayne Static's death via Facebook on Nov. 1, and the rumors began flying.READ MORE

Wayne Static

Static-X Frontman Wayne Static Dead at 48

Buzz 14:40PM EDT

Wayne Static, former frontman of Static-X, has died at age 48. His death was confirmed by Static-X's Facebook page last night, Nov. 1. The post reads, "Platinum selling musician Wayne Richard Wells, better known as WAYNE STATIC, passed away at the age of 48."READ MORE

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