May 24, 2018 / 2:12 AM

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West Side Story

The Next Steven Spielberg Project? Remaking ‘West Side Story’

Steven Spielberg is remaking the classic musical 'West Side Story.' He’s looking specifically for Latino and Latina actors to play the major parts, indicating the film won’t have whitewashed characters.

San Francisco Symphony Releases Live Recording of ‘West Side Story’ Concert Performance with Broadway Stars Cheyenne Jackson and Alexandra Silber

Ready for a return visit to the turf of the Sharks and Jets? The San Francisco Symphony is betting that you are, with a new live recording of the first-ever concert performances of Bernstein's complete score to 'West Side Story.'

José Carreras, 66, Returning to Opera in Christian Kolonovits' 'El Juez' at Bilbao

He was never exactly in the vanguard of new writing, but the news of José Carreras' return to opera with a new work--'El Juez' by Christian Kolonovits, after a story by Angelika Messner--is doubly surprising. Most surprising, perhaps...

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