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Interview: Brielle Strives to Become the Next Pop Star Royalty with Explosive Music



Don't take that crown on her head as another kitschy art piece, Brielle is the real thing. An emerging New York based pop star, Brielle is a blend of Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding, R&B and EDM in a powerful, in-your-face way, and she's the next artist you should know.

Singing before she could even walk or talk, Brielle has been embarking for the past few years into a career of music. Earlier this year, she officially packed her bags to move from Buffalo, New York, to NYC to pursue her dream. Now, she has two punchy singles and a debut album, Ready for War on the way.

Music Times caught up with Brielle on the set of her new music video for "Avalanche," a bombastic, dramatic pop anthem about the deterioration of a once-good relationship.

"It's about a relationship that has gone through a lot of good and bad turmoil, and it's at the point where the couple can't decide whether they should end it all or whether it's worth it to keep continuing and fight," she said. "It happens a lot with relationships -- one side is working more for the relationship than the other side, and it's just a tug-of-war and nobody really knows what's going on. So, that's the suspense in the moment of what the song is."

The music video, which was shot in Brielle's new hometown, features a tattoo parlor scene, scenic views of the NYC skyline, a bedroom set and plenty of drama.

"We're basically spelling that out in the music video to draw out the emotion of what everybody goes through when they're in the part of a relationship like that. There's a lot of acting because we are drawing out a lot of emotion like that, so I'm excited about it," Brielle explained.

Musically, "Avalanche" pulls from the Lovato school of dramatic flair. An explosive pop tune with electronic elements, the track finds Brielle exploding through the layered music and high production value with soaring vocal strength.

Despite her sound and doll-face looks, don't confuse Brielle for another pop starlet.

Brielle is a classically trained ballerina and violinist and oftentimes will juggle the three acts while performing. "It's more difficult than singing and playing the guitar or the piano at the same time. But it's been done, I can dance at the same time too, it's a lot of practice," she said.

Calling in the influence from the likes of Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani, Brielle has a hand in her own craft. From pulling her own fashion experience in her styling to co-writing all of her music, Brielle is bringing her own self into Ready for War, her debut album due in early 2015.

"I can't wait. Every single song that is on it is a song that's extremely close to my heart. I've written and worked on every single song, and there's a range of songs. There's 'Catch a Star For You,' which was my first single, the party, upbeat pop song," she said. "And then there's 'Avalanche,' which has more feeling to it. Then there's also songs that range from just the pop to a little bit of R&B to a little bit of alternative, and it's a nice flow of emotions and life experiences.

Though Brielle has every intention of always keeping her heart in the music industry, her expectations exceed that. Like every good pop star, Brielle aspires to dip her toe in acting and fashion design in the future, putting her time at F.I.T. to good use. But once again, it will be on her own terms.

"Instead of just having a fashion line that I put my name on, I want to actually be able to make the clothes. Literally sew the clothes and design and choose the fabrics, and kind of, I mean I guess kind of like Gwen Stefani does a little bit with L.A.M.B.," Brielle explained.

But first, she's got to claim the crown of pop, which so adorably sits atop her head. And her time should be soon.

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