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5 Musicians with Alien Encounters Aside from Tom DeLonge: Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Sammy Hagar and More



Tom Delonge has apparently had enough of discussing his role in the recent breakup of Blink-182...so he recently unleashed the news that he had an extraterrestrial experience while camping "near Area 51" in Nevada and that since the occurrence his phone has been tapped by the government. If you look at the vocalist's interview with PaperMag recently, you'll see he's been studying this stuff a long time.

Here are six other musicians who have claimed experiences with aliens. Not just the belief in extraterrestrials, but actual encounters of the third kind.

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was a huge fanboy, frequently studying the extraterrestrial, the paranormal and other mysterious subjects throughout his life. He claimed that he had an experience with aliens around the age of eight. He claims the visitors showed him the image of a man in a white jumpsuit singing to a huge crowd, although he didn't understand what the image meant at the time. More stories came about Presley's extraterrestrial experiences after his death, although most were from the mouth of his hairstylist Larry Geller. The friend of the King claimed that the vocalist's father Vernon Presley confirmed that a "blue light" had appeared over Tupelo, Mississippi when the star was born, and that later when Presley and Geller were walking around Graceland they saw a series of similar blue lights appear in the sky.

David Bowie et al

Perhaps extraterrestrials have a bigger impact on Earth talent than the U.S. government is willing to acknowledge (which is to say, no influence). David Bowie is another performer who claims that he encountered aliens as a youth, claiming that he and his friends saw UFO's so frequently that they could "time them" as to when they would show up. Perhaps this inspired the whole Ziggy Stardust phase, where the vocalist cast himself as a music star from space. Olivia Newton-John is another, among many, performers who claim to have witnessed a UFO during their youth.

John Lennon

The former Beatle has referenced UFOs frequently enough during his music (check out the tracks "Out of The Blue" and "Nobody Told Me") and he's been confirmed as an actual target of U.S. government phone tapping, so it's inevitable that he had an actual experience with visitors. Confirmation came not from the performer himself however but from his assistant May Pang. She claims that during 1974 he called to her suddenly from the porch of his New York apartment. When she came she saw a "flattened cone with a brilliant light on top," which sounds to us vaguely like a Star Wars imperial destroyer. On the other hand, at least her tale was sexy...Lennon was reportedly nude as he stood on his porch.

Sammy Hagar

The rock vocalist told the world of his experiences with aliens during his memoir/biography Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. He claims that while he was living in California (prior to joining Van Halen), he was visited by extraterrestrials while he was dreaming. He didn't understand the terminology at the time, but he reports that the faceless visitors "downloaded" something to or from his brain. Although it was pointed out that this happened "in a dream," he firmly confirmed that "it friggin' happened," stating that he would have written much more on the subject but his writer, Brian Felder, talked him out of it. Whether he has any experience pod people has not been addressed.

Robbie Williams

There seems to be a significant number of British performers who claim to have been in touch with visitors from space (then again they've always claim to be the chosen race so...). Robbie Williams of Take That and solo fame believes he was visited not once, not twice, but THREE times. One particularly interesting encounter seems to have happened in reverse: The vocalist wrote a song about an abduction, titled "Arizona," and then as soon as he laud down his pen he was witness to a tremendous light. He's since claimed during interviews that he's considering quitting the whole music thing and taking part in researching the outer limits full time. This has yet to come to fruition however.

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