June 19, 2018 / 12:46 AM

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The-Dream Releases EP 'Crown': Talks Jhené Aiko, His Album and Gives Marriage Advice



The-Dream just released the EP Crown as part of his two-part EP album Crown Jewel Tuesday, April 14. Now the Grammy-winning artist is sharing details on his two-part album, his appreciation for Jhené Aiko and his advice on marriage.

In an interview with The Boombox, The-Dream shared that he is most excited for fans to hear "All I Need" off his new album.

"'All I Need' is a record that basically says the facts of what it should say," he told The Boombox. "I usually have an analogy of a word or a phrase that describes what I am talking about. But you get to a certain point in life and you actually figure out that simple phrase, what 'All I Need' is in life."

The singer, songwriter and producer explained that Crown is meant to "give people what they want" whereas Jewel is aimed to tackle a more progressive sound. Although The-Dream is not necessarily a fan of all mainstream music, he revealed that Aiko is one artist who really stands out.

"Jhené is one of the only artists that I feel is doing their own s**t in her own world. Everyone else is not pushing hard enough."

The-Dream, who was formally married to singers Nivea and Christina Milian, married Lalonne Martinez in 2014. Approaching his one-year wedding anniversary with Martinez, The-Dream shared his tips on having a happy and successful marriage.

"You just have to stay fun and remember how you got somebody," he told The Boombox. "Never stop the courting process. Take trips. I think more so it's about just being fun and not taking yourself so seriously. Adding husband or wife to your title doesn't make you more serious then you were nine months ago. You have to have fun with yourself and understand there are things you don't know and there are things that you do know."

The six-track EP Crown is available on iTunes. Jewel is slated for release July 10.

Enjoy The-Dream with "That's My S**t" featuring T.I. below.

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