Erica Campbell caused quite a stir when she released her new song, "I Luh God." She recently released a video for the controversial track.

In the video for the trap gospel anthem, Campbell switches up her look several times and praises with a group of friends. Her sister and the other half of Mary Mary, Tina Campbell, also makes a cameo.

Check out Erica Campbell's video for "I Luh God" below.

Upon its release, responses to Campbell's new song varied with many questioning her decision to explore new territories in gospel music.

"I luh God, you don't luh God?... What's wrong with you?," she asks at the beginning of the track.

Some have compared the song to previous releases by Kirk Franklin and God's Property, which include "Stomp" featuring Salt of the female rap duo Salt-N-Pepa.

"Wow is this what The Gospel of Jesus Christ has come to. Is this what worship has come to. Be not conformed to this world but be yet transformed by the renewing of your mind," one listener wrote under a performance of the song uploaded to YouTube.

During an interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, Campbell spoke on the ongoing controversy.

"Everyone doesn't speak properly. Everyone doesn't live in a well-maintained manicured neighborhood. People live in rough neighborhoods and they speak how they speak. No matter where you are, you have to acknowledge that you're blessed. Everybody don't like it. Some people are upset about it, but they'll be all right. God don't live in a box. Why should I?," she explained.

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