June 23, 2018 / 12:46 AM

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Father John Misty Releases New Song 'The Memo' After Crazy Week



Father John Misty has had a crazy week, covering Ryan Adams' covers of Taylor Swift in the style of the Velvet Underground, which he later took down due to a spiritual encounter he had with Lou Reed, and accusations of ripping-off a Funny or Die sketch with Dave Franco. He's capping the week off with a new song called "The Memo" released Friday (September 25).

"The Memo" follows his usual style of slow moving folk-piano ballads singing along to absurd lyrics that tend to speak to some real or perceived truth of life.

"I'm gonna steal some bedsheets/ From an amputee/ I'm gonna mount em on a canvas/ In the middle of the gallery/ I'm gonna tell everybody it was painted by a chimpanzee/ But just between you me/ Here at the cultural low water mark/ If it's fraud or art/ They'll pay you to believe," Joshua Tillman sings on the song.  Perhaps he's upset about recent trends of reappropriation in the art world?

The only thing more bazar than the lyrics to the song is the single's artwork. Ed Steed created the drawing according to Pitchfork, and it depicts a giant eye looking in on a window of businessmen making plans for a city. Everything from the lyrics to the artwork is strange, but it definitely appeals to Tillman's fan base that loves him for his wacked out personality.

"The Memo" is a decidedly more positive way to end his week than the headlines that have revolved around his work. According to Diffuser, Funny or Die accused him of copying the plot of the 2011 Dave Franco sketch "Go F**k Yourself," when earlier this month Tillman released the video for "The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment."

This week he also made fun of Adams' 1989 cover album, with his own sardonic covers of "Blank Space" and "Welcome To New York," in the voice and style of the Velvet Underground. He only took them down when an angry Lou Reed visited him in a dream.

It's been a strange week for Tillman so let's just let all that rest for a moment and listen to some new music via his Soundcloud.

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