July 19, 2018 / 7:52 AM

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Ryan Adams Talks Taylor Swift, Shakespeare and 'Ghostbusters' in New Interview



Ryan Adams is certainly on a roll with Taylor Swift inspired musical fare as he just released a cover album of her original 1989. His composition of her works was a major success and Swift approved.  Now he is talking Shakespeare, Ghostbusters and the new reigning pop queen herself in a new interview.

According to The Guardian, Adams places Swift on a major pedestal and even puts her in the vein of legendary playwright Shakespeare in terms of musical depth. He subsequently compared himself to the campy TV show Ghostbusters and listed Swift as a major idol in not so many words.

Adams said to the publication, "The first time I heard 2008's 'White Horse' I got chills head to toe. I remember feeling shocked by her voice, shocked at how clean the song was. I like stuff that sort of penetrates through my regular consciousness and hits me when I'm not looking. That's usually stuff that's a little darker."

He further said to the publication, "You know, that song is really about disillusionment on such a grand scale. I just thought out how this is hitting me like a tidal wave, it's so romantic and so beautiful, and yet so sad and so disillusioned." He even complimented the singer's voice saying, "Her voice does it's thing. It just goes through my bullsh*t detectors and right into my heart and soul."

The singer-songwriter also alluded that putting the 1989 cover album together was like "being in 'Ghostbusters' or something, and then all of a sudden I have to go do Shakespeare." It appears that Adam's sees his work as comical in comparison with Swift's Shakespearean compositions. He also further asserted that the pop queen is as successful as she is for very good reason according to SPIN

In other Ryan Adam news, this past Saturday (Oct. 24) he performed in the kick-off show for Neil Young's annual Bridge School Benefit Concert. He even completely improvised a song about a concert attendee who was sans shirt and sung a sweet ballad about a loaf of bread according to Stereogum.

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