Pierce Fulton and his close friend Puppet have unleashed their new single "Boy and the Beast." The track has been featured as a part of both producer, DJ's sets for most of 2015 and now it is available to stream and download on Puppet's label home Monstercat.

"Boy and the Beast" opens up in a soft, orchestral arrangement, lulling the listener into its grasp with its atmospheric pads and lush synths, but just like a boy growing up, it explodes on those around it. In a sudden burst of bass and big melodies, the boy evolves into the beast with harsh distorted sounds over a thundering bass line and searing synth chords.

The track is the latest from Pierce Fulton who has upped his output of originals as he caps off the year. It was unclear when this collaboration that had been floating around in live sets for most of 2015 would come out, but fans are delighted to see this track that is more upbeat and main stage driven released. It is a bit darker than what people are used to from these two, though that move is welcomed here. 

Pierce spoke about the experience of working with Puppet and how they crafted "Boy and the Beast."

"Our song "Boy and the Beast" sort of started as a fun little test because I remember sending the idea to Brendan [Puppet] and I was like 'I challenge you to work with me on something in a minor key.' As many of you know, a lot of Puppet's music is very major and very uplifting so when we developed this dark and intense song together we had such a crazy time diving into a sound neither of us had really explored before."

Pick up the track on iTunes.

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