July 18, 2018 / 8:28 AM

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Lloyd New Single 'Tru' Inspires with Message of Self Love and Instagram Post [LISTEN]



Though he stepped a way from public eye for quite some time, Lloyd is back with new music and a message to inspire the masses. On Instagram and through his latest single "TRU," he's revealed bits and pieces on his past but has ultimately learned how to embrace and accept who he is, while encouraging others to do the same.

Lloyd Polite is not just your average curly head black boy. His experiences have included both the highs and the lows of the music business and life in general but, Lloyd knows a thing or two about bouncing back. This time around his bounce back includes a new song, "Tru" and a new outlook on life.

The 30-year-old Atlanta native may be an R&B sensation, with multiple Billboard charting albums and singles, but up until only a couple of months ago, he was also a high school dropout.

Though many could view his incompletion as a failure, Polite saw it as an opportunity.  He vowed to go back and complete school after fully pursuing his recording career according to Vibe.

Obtaining his GED from the Technical College System of Georgia, and joining the graduation ceremony of Therrell High School class of 2016 is only one occurrence out of many to come, where he found himself being re-routed in a different direction.

According to Polite, this is the inevitable fight of life and the message found in his new single "TRU."

"'TRU' is about being a fighter," Polite explained to BET. It's about speaking truthfully and honestly on your life and not shying away from your imperfections [and] embracing the idea that there's never a failure there is only lessons to be learned and character to be built."

Building his character is exactly what he's been doing since his 2009 featured hook on Young Money's "BedRock," as explained on "Sway In The Morning" back in August.

"[I've been] surrounded by content and just working on my character," the Southside artist explained when asked what he'd been up to during this hiatus. "Trying to improve the things that are important to me, you know. Spend time with my family, my loved ones [but] always right by the studio," he continued.

The process of renewing his spirit and building his character, all while remaining right by the studio, has paid off for the Empire artist as heard in his latest single; where he bleeds his heart out to the music.

"This is me/so please accept for who I am/and please accept me for what I do/I'm just doing everything that I can/cause all I wanna be is tru," croons Lloyd over the Justice League-produced track.

Honesty, acceptance and self love - regardless of your imperfections and past mistakes, is the message delivered in his new song and in his most recent Instagram post.

"When you're honest about your own struggles you can help people around you to be better," captioned the singer in his shirtless Instagram post.


His encouraging words continued with "don't hide your truth...;" "be a picture of who and what you are, not who or what other people want or expect you to be...," and "...you are a perfect imperfection.. ."

In other words, "sh*t happens." But, dealing with those oppositions in ways that will make you a better person will shape the outcome.

Bravo Lloyd on your renewed mind, spirit and music - and remaining "Tru."

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