Willow Smith has just revealed that she hopes to add more representation to the rock world through the latest addition to her album "Transparent Soul". In an exclusive interview with V Magazine, she tells how she's outgrown her shell as a young black singer and how she wants others to do so to.

Will Smith Tells all Black Girls Out There, 'You're Not Alone'

In the interview with the fashion magazine, the 20-year old musician says "Through the music that I'm putting out right now and the representation that I can bring to the mix, I just hope that the Black girls that are listening to my music and listening to this album see that there's more of us out there."

"It's a real thing. You're not alone. You're not the only Black girl that wishes she could flip her hair to the side and wear black eyeliner, you know what I mean?'

Smith encourages black women to be bold and explore their potentials when it comes to music. The talented singer has had a great deal of creative evolution throughout the years having different songs from "Whip My Hair" to "The Anxiety".

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Will Smith on Outgrowing Her Pressures of Sticking to R&B 

Since starting her career at 13, she's had different experiments on exploring different types of music, according to Atwood Magazine. However, she explains how she also seemed pressured to stick to one particular genre. 

"I was exposed to a lot of different walks of life at a very, very young age.", Smith says. However, she's always leaned towards punk rock, inspired by her mom's career with the nu-metal band Wicked Wisdom back in the early 2000s. 

'I think that seeing my mom on stage and how she commanded the music and the band just made me see "That's what I want to be. I want to be that strong woman who is putting it all out there on the stage.", Smith says.

However, she was a bit reluctant to dive into rock music as she feels pressured to stick to her roots with R&B.

"I was like. Oh, I don't think it'll be authentic; I'll just sound like an R&B singer trying to be a rock singer." 

She expressed how a great deal of introspection during the pandemic has allowed her to overcome the fear of sticking to standards. Her freedom from pressures allowed her to follow her heart which is why the recently released song "Transparent" features a punk rock theme. The young singer hopes that she could inspire other young black girls to think outside the box and follow their hearts when it comes to music.

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