There is a misconception in the minds of people about DJs. They think that DJs only play party songs by recreating old songs. Sean Doron, a renowned DJ from Tel Aviv, says, "Not all DJs recreate old songs; many of them come up with their originals also. When I started, I hardly played any song requests. I always wanted to showcase my skills to others so that they develop a new taste in DJing. Although it took years to build my foundation, I can now say that electronic music is more popular than ever."

Sean produces captivating music that keeps his audience hooked for hours. Most of his fans say that they go into trance mode whenever they hear his songs. Two of his most famous songs, Jasmino and Cala Comte, are still fan-favorites in music festivals.

Creating Jasmino

The Israeli DJ loves experimenting with various tunes. One of his hit songs, Jasmino, is the result of such experimentation. "When I started creating Jasmino, I didn't have any specific tune in mind. I was playing different tunes with my software and recording them every day. Soon I noticed a rhythm among those tunes. They started feeling as if you are on the beach watching the sun go down. It's that light music that you want to play in the background at that time that makes the song special. I did not try to make it too complicated, and I think people loved its simplicity. 

I make sure that every song sounds different. And Jasmino was my attempt at creating soft and trippy music without shifting from my genre. Fortunately, the audience responded positively, leading to the massive success of the song."

The magnanimous success of Cala Comte

Sean loves tech sounds. He believes that it provides him with various options to develop innovative tunes. "Cala Comte is the best example of a successful song with tech sounds. I was listening to a few old songs during that time when I heard a guitar tune that made me want to rewind that part and listen to it over and over. I was amazed as to how the musician created that tune. That made me think out of the box. It made me realize that if I became famous in the electronic music genre, I need to create such ethereal vibes that would stay with my audience for years. 

Unfortunately, Cala Comte was a big failure at the time. It came to a point when I had to request people to hear the song. Even though I knew it could become the biggest song of the year, it did not get the response it deserved. But the song picked up a couple of years later after I played it at a music festival. People wanted me to play the song again. That was the start of the prosperous days of Cala Comte. I think it was the metal drum beats and their modulation that made a difference to the song."

Sean is a celebrity now, and he regularly gets invitations from renowned brands to play at their fashion week events. He also has his entertainment service, Monochrome, which is doing exceptionally well in his hometown.