It goes without a saying that an album is one of the most significant coronations of an artist's music career. It's a great way for artists to showcase their musical talent and creativity in an all-around way that singles can't achieve. An album is also a sign of commitment and dedication to your musical craft. It demands hours of focus and concentration, forcing artists to dig deep into their inner artistic abilities. You can build a fanbase with singles, but you need albums to earn yourself a loyal fanbase. True music enthusiasts go for an artist's meaningful grasp of their vision and future musical direction.

Keemo Kazi is one of the newest talents to grace the American hip-hop scene. The former influencer turned rapper is proving that he will become a dominant force in the industry in the future. Kazi has hit the scene with a series of constant releases, with a new track hitting the market every month. They are not only singles; they dominate the airwaves and drive hip-hop enthusiasts wild in anticipation for more. Kazi has come with a unique hip-hop sound, with electrifying beats and smooth vocals that will certainly send chills down your spine.

His debut album, Keemo VS. Kazi, is full of classic music masterpieces, making it hard to pick a favorite track of the ten. Kazi holds that the album won't be an ordinary one but rather a collection of musical gems to mark his entry into the industry. "I plan to be the biggest and help break the barrier between being an influencer and an artist," says Kazi.

Kazi has poured lots of time and energy into making this debut album a special milestone in his career. He has not only devoted much of his time to the project but also unearthed his emotions to craft and compose sweet melodies and tracks for his fanbase. He wants to distance himself from other upcoming artists and make his music widely known. To Kazi, the modern music industry is crowded with overnight music stars, who fade away after their hit songs dwindle. He is not in music for fame but rather for the passion he holds for the industry.

He has been in the entertainment industry for years, more profoundly on TikTok, and he feels it's time he drew the line between music and the influencer world. Releasing a debut album after launching a successful music career on a decent run will be the perfect way to do it. It will help him cement his position in the industry and build a solid foundation to work from going into the future.

Though he has ventured into music after blowing up on TikTok, Kazi holds that his passion and love for entertainment and the musical side of the industry have made him make the switch. His passion for music has existed from a young age, and he feels it's time he showed the world his real abilities and interests. A dedicated artist, Kazi is not afraid to be himself towards the comedic standard, showcase his artist side, and, more significantly, play both roles simultaneously.

In the meantime, Kazi is working hard to scale his entertainment brand to be the biggest and most consistent globally.