Atlanta-based artist C.J. Green, who has earned himself stain in the hip-hop and rap music scene, recently released his latest EP, "West Coast Love." The project sets the tone for C.J. Green finishing up 2021 with a bang. His multi-faceted music-making abilities shine through on each track. Offering a star-studded line-up of features from fellow artists, C.J. Green's new EP has reached Top 10 on the iTunes charts since its release.

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Falling nothing short of extraordinary, C.J. Green has created an absolute masterpiece of an EP with "West Coast Love." The unique features offer a distinct twist, helping the project be something we've never heard before in the music industry. Giving off that old-school west coast vibe while encompassing that new-age rap style, it is no surprise that this EP flew up into the Top 10.

"West Coast Love" is an all-around hit and has C.J. Green set up well for his future ventures. The creative has shown a clear and promising progression in his musical abilities, and it's about time he's beginning to get recognized for it. Be sure to keep an eye on C.J. Green as his career continues to progress, as it's only up from here.

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