Music is the universal language that unites all people. It tells a story, sets a mood, and brings people together. For young rapper Ben Sharp Knowles, aka BSK, he discovered that his love for rapping not only brought him joy, but brought happiness to those around him.

When we all experienced lockdowns from the COVID-19 pandemic, BSK refused to let it find him in despair. If his life was going to be disrupted, he decided he would find a way to turn it around. As someone who enjoyed rap music, he decided to try his hand at making music. BSK quickly learned the thrill of writing songs and he also discovered he was good at it. His friends were really enjoying the music, and he saw just how happy it made other people. So, BSK went all in.

Seeing how much his music brought people together, BSK started taking music much more seriously. He researched the industry and started expanding his music horizons. But his passions always lie in rap. During this time, he grew as he learned to express himself through songwriting, trusting in himself, and trusting the outcome. "I didn't just focus on rap but I enjoyed rap because it gives a more detailed story, and I listened to a lot of rap music during this time," says Ben Sharp Knowles.

Since BSK started creating music a year ago, he has released 7 songs on Spotify and iTunes. He has 13 songs in his pipeline as he finishes creating his first complete album. As he continues, he aims to have a hit song and work with an amazing team of producers. "I chose this path because I really enjoy making music and I like the feeling of seeing people enjoy my music and bring people together," says Ben Sharp Knowles.

Young rapper BSK is soaring to new heights as he continues to live his passion. With each song he creates, he knows he brings happiness to himself and others while living his life's purpose.