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BTS at United Nations General Assembly Draws In Millions of Watchers - Here's What They Spoke About

BTS at UNGA Draws In Millions of Watchers as They Address Serious Issues⁠—Here's What They Talk About

Buzz 22:08PM EDT

BTS officially returned to UNGA as they appeared as Presidential Special Envoys for Future Generations and Culture for "SDG Moment" held the morning of September 20.READ MORE

BTS Receives Diplomatic Passport From South Korea President, How Is This An Advantage As Country's Representative

BTS Receives Diplomatic Passport From South Korean President -What Does This Mean?

Buzz 09:00AM EDT

The seven members of BTS have once again met the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, as they formally accept their certificate of Presidential Envoy and Diplomatic Passport.READ MORE

'Madam Secretary' Season 4 Premiere: Fake News Connected Elizabeth To Murder

Tv/Film 07:16AM EDT

Fake news surface that connects Elizabeth to a man's death in the season premiere of "Madam Secretary.READ MORE

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