‘Godzilla 2’ Director Teases Connection to Very First Godzilla Film

By Staff Reporter | Aug 16, 2017 12:14 PM EDT

In the middle of filming of "Godzilla 2", director Michael Dougherty drops an Easter egg via social media. Sharing what he calls "Day 41" of the "Godzilla 2" shoot, Dougherty posts via Twitter an image that fans of the "Godzilla" franchise will be familiar with.

According to /Film, the item on the image for "Godzilla 2" is referred to as an Oxygen Destroyer, an item that first appeared on the first ever "Godzilla" movie in 1954. In that movie, the Oxygen Destroyer was used to eliminate the giant lizard as it decimated the city of Tokyo.

Interestingly, in the 1954 movie, the item was created by a Dr. Serizawa, which is also the name of Ken Watanabe's character in Dougherty's "Godzilla 2." While the original Dr. Serizawa may not be the same character as the one in the upcoming movie, the coincidence is too uncanny not to be noticed, as Movieweb points out. It could also be likely that Watanabe's Dr. Serizawa may use the said device to either finish off Godzilla or one of his opponents in "Godzilla 2."

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"Godzilla 2" is being built as the third installment of what Legendary Pictures calls "Monsterverse," with 2017's "Kong: Skull Island" being the second film in the franchise. For the lizard king's second outing, he is slated to be up against some classic Godzilla villains like Mothra, Rodan and King Gidorah. "Godzilla 2" is also set as a preparation for a face-off against another great beast, King Kong, for 2020's "Godzilla vs. Kong."

The city-leveling Godzilla was first introduced in 1954's "Godzilla." Produced and distributed by Toho, the movie was considered as the first "kaiju" film (which means "strange beast"), and started the franchise on its own. Later on, other beasts were featured either in their own films or locking arms with Godzilla.

"Godzilla 2" is slated for release on March 2019. 


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