July 17, 2018 / 9:24 PM

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'Batman: The Enemy Within' Introduces Build-Your-Own Joker



Developer Telltale Games has recently released the follow-up to its successful point-and-click adventure featuring the Caped Crusader. In the second season, titled "Batman: The Enemy Within", decisions players make could either build or break Batman's relationship with those around him, especially his arch nemesis Joker.

Picking up from the events of season one's final episode, "Batman: The Enemy Within" pits the Dark Knight against another classic Batman villain, The Riddler, in "The Enigma". It also continues the relationship between Batman and Joker, whom as of last season is an Arkham patient named "John Doe."  Contrary to the typical relationship between them, which usually place them at odds with each other, the Telltale version of Batman and Joker start as friends. This connection will be the main focus of "Batman, The Enemy Within."

As the game gives players freedom on how to interact with characters around Batman, "Batman: The Enemy Within" will use those decisions the players make to mold the character The Clown Prince of Crime. According to the supervising director Kent Mudle, their version of Joker is a formative character that pays attention to what the players do and might mirror some of those back to the player, The Verge reports.

Not only is the Joker given a new character, Telltale breathes fresh air on Batman's rogue's gallery for "Batman: The Enemy Within." Riddler is made more sadistic, while Penguin is a far cry from its classic look. Even the lore changes, with Gotham City having a new backstory.

As much as the game's story and the premise are interesting, the gameplay is one of the weak points of "Batman: The Enemy Within". As Den of Geek points out, the Quick-Time Effects the game provides players are too easy to give a legitimate challenge. While Batman: The Enemy Within is leaps and bounds better than Telltale Games' other titles like The Walking Dead, player involvement is down to a minimum.

Things are still up for "Batman: The Enemy Within", as the future episodes hopefully improve on the game mechanics. Batman: The Enemy Within is available for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

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