Nickelback is one of those bands people love to hate. Chad Kroeger knows this and explained that the band members don't take themselves too seriously. They also like to crack Nickelback jokes like the rest of us, and he contends that they're better at it. The "Edge of Revolution" singer spoke with Absolute Radio recently about the band's legion of haters. 

"We are one of those bands that a lot of people think take themselves seriously," he said, Blabbermouth reports. "And no one — no one, and I know this is hard to believe — can make as much fun of us as we make fun of ourselves. And we are harsh. If you think the Internet's rough, you should sit in a van with us. We are really harsh. We make up the best alternate lines to our own songs. And this is some top-shelf stuff."

The band's eighth studio effort, No Fixed Address, came out earlier this month, and it has underperformed compared to other Nickelback releases. The release did not chart on the Billboard 200 list (2011's Here and Now peaked at number two). 

"In between the terrible songs and the actually pretty good ones is most of the album: total filler," Consequence of Sound wrote. "Though only 11 tracks long, No Fixed Address feels rushed and half-hearted. While this is somewhat common for radio rock bands, it's unusual in that there isn't a line of weak tracks preceded by a line of good ones. It's hard to spot two songs in a row that flow together anywhere."

The relentless Nickelback hate fest came to a climax last month when one man in London started a campaign to ban the group from performing there

"With your help, we can ensure that the band do not schedule any gigs here, do not attempt to come here - nor even phone here," the campaign stated.