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Tuesday's Under 21: Anastasiya Petryk, the Ukrainian winner of Junior Eurovision 2012


It's easy to forget how young some of our favorite performers are when they enter the music world. From Michael Jackson's Jack 5 debut at the age of 11, to Lorde's chart-topping single "Royals" at the age of 16, it doesn't take much life experience to make a splash in the music industry. Tuesdays Under 21 is a Music Times feature dedicated to bringing attention to talented musicians and performers under the age of 21. Who know? They just might be the next big thing.

WHO: Anastasiya Petryk

WHERE: Odessa, Ukraine

AGE: 11


Great Britain may have The X Factor, but there's one launching ground for pop music careers that can't be beat: Eurovision. The competition serves as a musical Olympics for Europe, with each participating nation combining catchy hooks and stylistic flair in its attempts to surpass its geographical neighbors.

Anastasiya Petryk of Ukraine didn't perform for her homeland during 2012's competition, but she did make quite a splash during the Junior Eurovision Contest at the age of 10. She broke the record for the most dominating win, beating the second place finisher by 38 points. She also received a perfect score of 12 points from eight of the 11 voting nations, an accomplishment unto itself considering the highly politicized nature of the competition.

Listen to her performance of "Nebo" and we think you'll understand their reaction:

If you didn't listen, it's a situation where you wonder how such a voice came from a ten year-old. And that's just while she's singing in Ukrainian. For the final verse of "Nebo" (which translates to "Sky"), Petryk switches to English, delivering a powerhouse vocal performance punctuated with throaty Tina Turner moments. Besides stealing the show, Petryk also earned herself the Ukrainian Person of The Year Award. 

Her older sister Viktoria is vying to appear on behalf of Ukraine at Eurovision 2014, and we imagine Anastasiya will be there soon as well. 

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