Clara Oswald is dead. Whether you want to believe it or not, "The Impossible Girl" met the end of her timeline in episode ten of Doctor Who's ninth season, "Face the Raven." Since it has been a number of days and the spoilers for the episode have already made their rounds, we want to start looking at new companion options for the future. While Peter Capaldi will star without the talented Jenna Coleman any more, we're taking a look at previous characters from the popular BBC series that could make for good replacements. Check out three of our favorites below.

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We figure that Steven Moffat and his crew have already decided on the new companion, possibly looking for a new star to join the cast, but why look any further than previous actors and actresses that have some of the more interesting characters to date on the series?

Here are three possible replacements for Clara, all of whom we've already got to know a bit in previous Doctor Who adventures!

RIGSY (Joivan Wade) might be a pretty obvious choice considering he was just featured in Clara's final episode, but we all know he's one of the more clever side characters of the Capaldi era of the BBC series. He wowed us when he first appeared in "Flatline" during season eight, and showed a taste for adventure in one scene in "Face the Raven."

He might have some responsibilities at home, namely his newborn baby, but Rigsy is just the guy to keep Twelve in line and experience all time and space with humor, emotion and bravery - just like his friend Clara.

MISSY is a bit of a long shot on this one, especially when you consider she is the Doctor's sworn enemy, but the chemistry between Capaldi and actress Michelle Gomez is undeniable. Plus, her insane take on the Master's female form is diabolical, layers and even kind of sexy!

Again, that whole nemesis aspect could be an obstacle, but imagine the two traveling together for some reason or another, for a long period of time, with Missy reminding the Doctor over and over again how Clara died under his watch. That's pretty dark!

Peter Capaldi's first Christmas Special, entitled "Last Christmas," as the Doctor was definitely one to go down in history. I mean, Santa Claus (portrayed by Nick Frost) was bantering with the Time-Lord and the monsters were Dream Crabs. Plus, we were introduced to SHONA McCULLOUGH (Faye Marsay), a member of a crew that was dealing with these crabs, who had the wit and spunk that everyone wants in a companion.

Shona was only in this one-off holiday special, but she handled herself quite well when faced with one of the creepiest creatures to grace the small-screen, and did it while dancing! We're wondering why we haven't seen the character pop back up since she definitely had more of a story to tell.

Marsay is also somewhat of a recognizable face thanks to her appearance opposite Maisie Williams in HBO's Game of Thrones. This character is darker and violent, which just shows the actress' range.

We Want Shona!

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