July 18, 2018 / 2:33 AM

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The Killers Release New Christmas Single 'Dirt Sledding' with Help from Richard Dreyfus



It's Christmastime again, and you know what that means: The Killers are back with a new holiday single. For the 10th year in a row, the "Mr. Brightside" group has rolled out an original Christmas tune. This year, they're returning to their Santa Claus theme with "Dirt Sledding."

The Killers once again tapped Criminal Minds actor Matthew Grey Gubler to direct their desert and mascot themed video for "Dirt Sledding," Rolling Stone reports. The clip, which stars Richard Dreyfuss and Ryan Pardley, features a dirty Santa Claus waking up in the desert, surrounded by a variety of stuffed toys that represent other holidays (a Thanksgiving turkey, a tooth fairy, an Easter bunny and Halloween pumpkin). As Santa comes to, the toys come to life and help Santa to celebrate the holiest days of the year in the desert, with some fireworks, of course.

Meanwhile, The Killers can be seen in the Las Vegas desert themselves playing "Dirt Sledding" in front of a bonfire, teepees and a stomping mini-horse.

And they may or may not be the men behind the masks...

As for the song itself, "Dirt Sledding" sounds less like a Christmas carol and more like a '50s rockabilly anthem. The song takes The Killers' traditional sound and sends it back in time, with holiday-themed lyrics about mistletoe, twinkling lights and snow that you can't help but sing along to.

As with all of The Killers' Christmas singles, "Dirt Sledding" is being released in conjunction with World AIDS Day. The profits from the song will go toward (RED).

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