June 22, 2018 / 10:37 PM

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Maddie and Tae Take Another Shot at Bro Country With 'Shut Up and Fish' Music Video



Maddie and Tae are following up the feminist country anthem, "Girl In A Country Song," with another gender-swapped music video for "Shut Up And Fish."

In the video, a woman asks a male friend is he wants to go fishing, but when he shows up, its in fancy country club attire, complete with boat shoes, a bright florescent polo tucked into his white, high knee shorts and a sweater tied around his neck.

While the woman tries to, you know, actually fish, the guy is taking photos with his selfie stick, checking out her ass and playing with the live bait. In fact, he's so incompetent that he loses his prized boat shoe in the lake and has to go out on the boat and retrieve it.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Tae are rocking out on a dock nearby before taking out sniper rifles and literally and metaphorically puncturing holes in the boat of bro country.

As Rolling Stone Country reports, the story is actually based on true events from Maddie and Tae's long friendship. The two of them were 16 years old during one of the first summers together when, as young adults, they got bored and asked a couple of guys to go fishing. But it didn't turn out so well.

"We literally thought it was just fishing, because they had the fishing poles, which they didn't even know how to use," the duo told Rolling Stone Country. "So we get there, and they come dressed up in like white v-necks and coral shorts. Just the typical city boy with their Sperry [boat shoes] and stuff. So we're like, 'You know we're going fishing, right?' ... Maddie and I take it very seriously because we wanna catch something. We didn't just go there to mess around. We didn't catch anything that day, because all the boys wanted to do was talk and bust a move."

Watch the music video for "Shut Up and Fish" below off of the group's Start Here LP.

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