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VH1's 'K. Michelle My Life' Season 2 Premiere, Episode 1 Recap: New Love, Music, & Home



K. Michelle allowed fans and viewers to get a glimpse inside her personal everyday struggles, passions and those joyous moments for round two of her reality show, with the season 2 premiere episode of K. Michelle My Life on VH1. Within the first episode, the singer drops some steamy updates on her love life and relationships, moving into her new home, and her new music to be released on her third album this year.

Since season 1 of the Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart singer's new reality show, fans have learned so much more about the soul singer and her personal life. This season is no different. The season 2 premiere episode on VH1, which aired Monday night Jan. 25, showed a more grounded and mature K, who was in the middle of relocating to her new home in L.A. During season 1, the Memphis native was uprooted from her home in the "A," and given an opportunity to travel to New York to further her music career and to also unite with another cast from the Mona Scott Young franchise, Love And HIp Hop New York.

The "Maybe I Should Call" singer tackled New York during the Fall of 2014 when the show first debuted, according to Wet Paint. At the time, the show was to be called No New Friends, but was ultimately changed. This season, K. Michelle is really living up to that unclaimed title by moving to L.A. and only bringing along her bestfriend, hairstlylist Jonathan.  She was also seen spending time with her close friend, Miss Diddy, an L.A. socialite, seated poolside at K's new home where they discussed an old flame who had been trying to reconnect with K.

No, the old flame that the two ladies dished about was not Idris Elba, but another young man from K's past named Bobby, whom the feisty southern belle not only had a relationship with, but found herself pregnant by last year and ultimately had an abortion. K tearfully revealed during the episode that, although she has never been a fan of abortions, she felt it best suited for her in her situation at that time.

"I am not the biggest supporter of abortion," K. Michelle explained during episode 1 of the VH1 show. "I never thought that was something I would do at this point in my life. And when that decision was made...wow...I beat myself up really bad."

During a session with her life coach, the reality star revealed how her relationship with Bobby was not at all what she thought it was. She had found out so many truths about him that included him lying about how many children he had. According to K, he told her he had one child, but actually is the father of four children by four different women.

During an explosive conversation with Bobby, K. Michelle revisited her pregnancy and her abortion, explaining how she went through with the procedure because he wasnt there for her. Apologetically, Bobby expressed how he wanted to be back with K, but she has moved on to bigger and better things as it relates to men.

While speaking to her life coach during the episode, K. Michelle revealed how she is no longer interested in the same old things as it relates to men. "I want a nice caucasian man, in a suit, who walks around with no shoes on sometimes," she revealed. That's not the only change of heart she's had since last year's episodes. In addition to looking for a new type of man, she's also ready to hit the ground running with a new sound as it relates to her music.

K. Michelle spoke on how she's willing to retire at this early stage in her career if her record label does not allow her to be more free with her music. According to K, who described her first album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart as "I hate men, kill 'em all" music, she no longer wants to be boxed in to a particular sound. With her new music for 2016, the soul singer wants to be able to incorporate her love for rap, rock and soul all into one album and, if she's not able to do that, then she's ready to say, "F-ck you, it's a wrap."

Watch Full Episode here.

K. Michelle shared the cover art to her new single "Not A Little Bit" with her Instagram followers.


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