Van Morrison's iconic live album, It's Too Late to Stop Now..., gets a special remastered rerelease with three more volumes and a DVD release this week. Check out the tracklist and DVD material below.

You can purchase the boxset, including Volumes II, III, IV and DVD over at Amazon.

Here's what this release includes in regards to songs and DVD material (via Rolling Stone):

Volume II (Recorded live at The Troubadour, Los Angeles, May 23, 1973)
1. "Come Running"
2. "These Dreams Of You"
3. "The Way Young Lovers Do"
4. "Snow In San Anselmo"
5. "I Just Want To Make Love To You"
6. "Bring It On Home To Me"
7. "Purple Heather"
8. "Hey, Good Lookin'"
9. "Bein' Green"
10. "Brown Eyed Girl"
11. "Listen To The Lion"
12. "Hard Nose The Highway"
13. "Moondance"
14. "Cyprus Avenue"
15. "Caravan"

Volume III (Recorded live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, California, June 29, 1973)
1. "I've Been Working"
2. "There There Child"
3. "No Way"
4. "Since I Fell For You"
5. "Wild Night"
6. "I Paid The Price"
7. "Domino"
8. "Gloria"
9. "Buona Sera"
10. "Moonshine Whiskey"
11. "Ain't Nothing You Can Do"
12. "Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket"
13. "Sweet Thing"
14. "Into The Mystic"
15. "I Believe To My Soul"

Volume IV (Recorded live at The Rainbow, London, July 23 & 24, 1973)
1. "Listen To The Lion"
2. "I Paid The Price"
3. "Bein' Green"
4. "Since I Fell For You"
5. "Into The Mystic"
6. "Everyone"
7. "I Believe To My Soul"
8. "Sweet Thing"
9. "I Just Want To Make Love To You"
10. "Wild Children"
11. "Here Comes The Night"
12. "Buona Sera"
13. "Domino"
14. "Caravan"
15. "Cyprus Avenue"

DVD (Recorded live at The Rainbow, London, July 24, 1973)
1. "Here Comes The Night"
2. "I Just Want To Make Love To You"
3. "Brown Eyed Girl"
4. "Moonshine Whiskey"
5. "Moondance"
6. "Help Me"
7. "Domino"
8. "Caravan"
9. "Cyprus Avenue"

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